Thursday, January 21, 2010


let's start again, shall we?

i did one of these in 5th grade, i think...

I AM starting a new chapter.
I KEEP changing my mind.
I WISH i had a little more confidence in my own abilities.
I LOVE the people i surround myself with.
I DANCE because it makes me happy.
I SING when i think no one can hear me.
I THINK people should be more open-minded.
I REALLY want to be in another country right now.
I NEED to get some willpower & start running again.
I SHOULD draw more.
I CAN smile even when i feel like crying.
I LIKE all this rain today!
I MAKE my own jewelry.
I WISH money didn't rule the world.
I ALWAYS want to be having fun, no matter what.

random. i have been spending the past month trying to get's been mostly art: drawings, photos, paintings, etc, along with interiors and design and TONS of fashion. so. we'll see.

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