Thursday, March 24, 2011

take me away

I have been feeling the pangs of  my ever-present wanderlust more strongly lately. Central/South America again? Africa? Australia? Doesn't really matter where, I just need to go.

This Gisele spread for Vogue Paris definitely makes me want to pack an old rucksack & head out...wherever the winds may take me & my beachy hair.

via Vogue

Thursday, March 17, 2011

style icon

I have been meaning to post about this style icon pretty much since I've started this blog, but I figured St. Patrick's Day would be a good time to feature my favorite redhead. :)

Marie Claire Style Director Taylor Tomasi-Hill is one of my very favorites. I love every pairing she comes up with. I'm always excited to see street style shots from shows & fashion week, just waiting to see that fiery red hair pop up along with bursts of green or electric blue & a mix of textures. I always drool over her accessories: perfectly sized tortoiseshell sunnies, those open-toe balenciaga sling-backs (if I ever find those for *way* less than retail they are MINE), square bangles?!!? I want to be on her level.

Probably not even with allll the luck of the Irish!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

i got the fever

I have a terrible case of puppy (& kitty) fever. No pets allowed in our condo though, so I find myself longingly gazing at photographs of other people's pets. Huge creep. Anyway, I found this Boston photography studio, Fat Orange Cat...she does pet & wedding photography, & is also ridiculously talented with calligraphy. Suddenly all I want to do is "borrow" other people's animals so I can photograph them. Her photographs are so creative.

here's her blog