Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dream wedges

i have been drooling over these d&g wedges since they came out.  rumi of fashiontoast rocks 'em often.  i'd even settle for the jeffery campbell pair, here.


 via dress design decor, urban outfitters, google images, & a drawing from garance dore

ok sartorial gods, where is my fall cape??  put it together with either my paige verdugo jeggings and boots (which i am living in) or a long dark wash bootcut pair of jeans & heels - & i think i have the majority of the week's outfits!  sad, huh?  if only i could look as chic in those leather  i will just take natalie portman's entire outfit instead, kthanks!

cozy kitchens

via design sponge, where the sidewalk begins, this is glamorous

alright, so if it isn't obvious, i have a thing for white kitchens.  & glass-paned cabinets, mmm!  i know my next kitchen is not going to be as stylish as these, but i'll be honest...i have secretly fallen in love with one apartment we looked at...simply because of its white kitchen!  i'm not in any hurry to settle down & buy a house, but you can be sure that i am giddy with anticipation about my cute little kitchen that my pups will shake their mud off in, my kids will spill their milk & my hubby the dishes! 

(this entry started with my mom's friend gaving me some old silverware she was selling at an estate sale (i was out of town the days of the sale unfortunately).  i love the character that old, mismatched silver pieces have.  i would love to display them somehow in my kitchen!)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

not so secret obsession

absolutely gorgeous.

(wednesday edit: i just got an email from my boyfriend's mom...she is going to look at a halflinger horse this week, which it the same horse that i'm pretty sure the last photo is.  coincidence???)

Friday, October 22, 2010

playing dress up

via tumblr

halloween is quickly approaching.  as fun as i think it would be to go above & beyond in a homemade gaga get-up, i know little gaga clones are going to be absolutely everywhere.  my thoughts this year: old-school, traditional costumes that are simple but i can still make chic.  

i found the second image forever ago on tumblr, and i am obsessed with the editorial feel of it. i'm trying to figure out what would be the best media for the red on her face.  i get strangely excited when i get the chance to paint my face.  i was also thinking about a nerd costume with the boyfriend.  he has the absolute best nerd voice & i have some awesome nerd glasses.  i actually have a couple opportunities to dress up - saturday is my university's homecoming.  we call it tequila sunrise...the bars open at 6 am.  yikes.  since it is so close to halloween, everyone dresses up & just pretends they are at a themed frat party just one more time.  a few girlfriends are dressing as lumberjacks, our mascot, so i joined in on that (easy peasy!) & then possibly an outfit change that night.  nerds??  i'll save my native american for our block party sunday night.  

what are your halloween plans?

Thursday, October 21, 2010


i just had to post these photos from ruffled.  i love simple, rustic but still super stylish weddings.  how cute is the bride?  & their altar is so perfect.  i plan on building (ok, helping) my own altar...whenever that time comes.  ;)

"on my mind"

got this from InStyle, enjoy & share yours!

Morning perk- i tend to switch it up pretty often, but i love a good cappuccino with a touch of caramel or irish creme.

Every day makeup- moisturizer, concealer, a little powder, mascara & chapstick...lately, mixin it up with fun lipstick or my newly mastered love - liquid eyeliner.

Fall fetish- it is kind of obvious that boots are a weakness of mine.  the simple, clean satchels i'm seeing everywhere are so lovely too.  need!

Guilty pleasure- plain nutella out of the container?  :x

Next purchase-  i so badly want a stylish little cape & the perfect wide-ish leg jeans.

Game time-thursdays used to be weekly game night.  we would have tons of new wines & cook some gourmet snacks & play charades, catch phrase, taboo & whatever else new friends would bring.  i definitely want to bring that back once i get settled into my new apartment.

Signature scent- armani mania.  i honestly have worn it since high school, & don't intend to change.

Just saw- the new jackass movie.  it surprises me how immature my sense of humor still is.

Recurring dream- either the one where i am owning my own cute shop in a small-ish, artsy downtown area, or i'm a big time magazine editor with a fabulous closet that is bigger than my room...obviously a lot more to my dreams than that but you get it...

Work out- gym cardio at least twice a week, bikram yoga & running to train for my half marathon!  throw in a couple jillian michael's DVDs & our home gym too...i'm all over the place!  trying to pick it up a few notches ;)

Favorite happy hour- lately happy hour has become a long overdue update with girlfriends.  we'll usually hit a little wine bar or a dive bar for cheap beers & end up closing the place down.

New hobby- painting things.   i have a few ugly, random decor pieces i have picked up here & there...spray painting gives 'em new life!

Dream vacation- toughest question. at the moment, i am craving a little thailand!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

bubble umbrellas & a cup of coffee

a lovely grey day today.  they always seem to occur on a work day.  therefore, i have to daydream about the cuddling & warm homemade soup & chocomel & blanket giggling i wish were going on right now - instead of me trying to ignore the delicious, unattainable cupcakes from the website i'm redesigning right now.  i made a ten pound weight loss goal to achieve by christmas, so those cupcakes are staying in the interwebs!  oh, & have i mentioned i'm running a half marathon in january?   oy. vey.

via flickr, dress design & decor, sacremento street

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

with the grain

just recently reminded of how much i love the look of film...i wish it were easier to buy & develop film these days.  it has such a specific look to it.  scott had a film camera on his trip to ecuador (& during the coup!) & some of his shots are just awesome.  i still tease him about being his teacher though.  ;)

film photos by me & one i loveee from scott's ecuador trip

Thursday, October 7, 2010

skip to my lou

 via jak&jill blog

how darling are these girls from the sonia rykiel show?  i wonder if it would be possible to do my hair like the one in the middle??  i love their smiles & that totally carefree look.

bundle up...a little

packed for michigan last night...until 1 am.  then woke up & realized i had completely OVERpacked, as usual.  i like to have options...but at the same time, this is our first trip together, so i don't want to scare the boyfriend.  i did make sure to remind him that i lived out of a backpack for several months though!  ;)

here's a couple looks i was going for.  buried somewhere in my giant who knows if i'll get much further than t-shirts & jeans.

 fashion toast

 cherry blossom girl

WHERE are these boots????  need.

 stockholm streetstyle


ok, i'll be honest, i didn't bring my leopard coat.  although i wanted to!  my mom told me to be the approachable girlfriend...basically, don't dress weird!  ;)  i kid.  but speaking of leopard coat, can i have this one?

i don't usually go for juicy, but i like the length & the big collar.  i have problems when it comes to coats.  & hats & scarves, i realized last night.  i live in arizona...???

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

masquerading en vogue

via studded hearts

photos from the vogue anniversary party.
 i'm not sure i can convey how badly i want to attend a masquerade.  it's like the sophisticated, adult version of halloween...& i Lord knows i'm over typical halloweens by now.  isn't it time we all grew up, bar crowd?  cover up your lady bits & we can get our drink champagne sip on in gorgeous dresses & lacy masks...

ps, how amazing is abbey lee kershaw?  ugh.  & natalia vodianova's dress is so daring & so perfect.

Monday, October 4, 2010

field trip

i can haz all of this for new room?