Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what up shorty

dressing for work has been difficult lately.   it is still hot here (100's through the weekend!) but in the office i feel like an absolute icicle.  these are the last couple of short looks i'm wishing i had for this weird transition from oven to...hairdryer on low?  ugh.


 cherry blossom girl

i really need a pair of scalloped bottom shorts.

 vanessa jackman

Thursday, September 23, 2010

al fresco

my 24th birthday is approaching.  i do like celebrating birthdays, but solely because i like celebrating in general.  any occasion that brings friends together for laughing, music, food & a few awkward dance moves is worth it to me!  however, my own birthday celebrations have been lacking in all of those areas in recent years.  which is fine!  i don't mind relaxing & just reminiscing on another year gone by.  my mom & i share the feeling that birthdays are simply that....just birthdays.  i despise when people go the direction of a birthday week; or the worst - "it's my birthday month!"  kinda selfish.  all i care about is having a few friends around to enjoy each others' company.  no presents, no birthday singing...but definitely cake (see earlier entry).  so this year, in honor of my continual evolving, i have decided not to wait around for someone to suggest we go out to scottsdale or something, but to put matters into my own hands.  get ready for the inspiration photos:

this is...perfection.
the lanterns make this so romantic
sucker for candlesticks

love mismatched things...& off-center centerpieces! 

i would like to dine like this every night

images from ruffled, apartment 34, everything fab, dress,design,decor, & erin ever after

it's apparent i would like to have a small dinner gathering outside, no?  nothing fancy, but i would like to craft a bit of decor & hang lighting, probably transport a couple chairs & floor pillows to a grassy area...you know, no big deal! ;) we'll see how my plans pan out.

boyfriend will be here for my actual birthday on thursday, but will be gone the following weekend to go to alabama for a football game.  yes, he travels specifically for football.  because the majority of my friends really only do things on the weekend, we'll celebrate then.  the rest of the weekend will be spent hopefully with my mom...vintage shopping in melrose & hopefully can find some craftiness for us to get in to, & maybe a furniture redesign with pops?!!?  how do you spend your birthdays?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wrap your tiny brain around THIS!

i had read about this last year, but i recently stumbled across the photos & was totally inspired all over again.  stephen wiltshire is an autistic artist who created this 18ft sketch of the NYC skyline from memory after a 20 minute helicopter ride.  if you haven't heard about this...check it out here.

holy heaven.

looks like this girl is makin' her own birthday cake next weekend.  i almost died when i saw this cake on vanilla sugar.  my mom is going to try to stop me...i tried making peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting awhile back.  she saw the disaster in that & made me get a mix & boxed frosting.  but no more!  i am turning 24.  i need to be able to bake & cook wonderful masterpieces such as this if i'm going to be considered domestic.  (quick background - i am a terrible cook.  i blame it on my extremely short attention span.)  don't worry...i will most definitely document this endeavor & share it with you lovelies (& probably prove my mother right).

oh my god, i can't even look at it anymore.

pretty primele

primele is the creative design studio of sisters patricia, rachel, and kim mumau, who live on a farm in upstate NY with their families (how cute is that?)  their calligraphy is the writing i wish i had.

if i got this in the mail i would never throw it out...

i love how the type extends in loops off the page.  sigh.

the larger last name!!

their stamps are available at their etsy shop & custom orders are available.  consider their website bookmarked for the future......

Monday, September 20, 2010

a few costa rica friends

i took all photos...these are only from the first week or two.  first four are from the la paz waterfall gardens outside of alejuela, & the last four are from the sea turtle project la tortuga feliz on the caribbean coast (where i spent a month before traveling the rest of the country).  many, many more to come!

my horse obsession has progressed

Fall Wish List Item #1
the boot list is extensive this year, but i must must musttt get my feets into a pair of battered brown tall riding boots.  if only i had kept my boots i actually used to ride in...


Sunday, September 19, 2010

sweet dreams

photos via design sponge & plush palate

with an apartment in the works for me, all i can seem to do is imagine my perfect bachelorette pad.  it is safe to say that i am slightly obsessed with white interiors (but i love the green in the first photo) and everything vintage inspired.  my next few weekend plans are filled with scouring the area vintage stores and markets and hopefully finding a couple cheap pieces i can re-work a bit.  i have only lived in previously furnished places, so i am going to have to start with scratch as far as furniture goes.  i wouldn't want it any other way!

Monday, September 13, 2010

zara lookbook

arizona is feeling so lovely these past few days...i'm so ready for a fall shopping spree.  one store i wish we had here is zara.  while living in holland i basically only shopped at zara & h&m.  the jeans i'm wearing today are from zara! 

put it on my tab, please!

all images from zara

Sunday, September 12, 2010

hairstyles i'm dying for...

fishtail braids
the most amazing curls ever
piled braids
so...where can i find a full-time hairdresser?  i have a hair handicap, i swear.  i'm pretty bad at girl things,  to be honest.

images via dress, design & decor

Friday, September 10, 2010

living dreams


the selby

afton & i are in talks about getting an apartment together.  as if i need more reasons to spend a work day daydreaming about how lovely my new living space will be...with huge windows & windowed doors to fill the rooms with natural light...brick accents, spacious ceilings, a claw foot tub...

unfortunately, NONE of these design elements really come to mind when thinking about scottsdale apartment spaces.  i still strongly believe i was not meant for this town (for multiple reasons), but i will make it work! 

i'm also crossing my fingers for a christmas present from boyfriend that looks similar to this:


Thursday, September 9, 2010


my sweet, darling fabiola in costa rica