Friday, April 29, 2011

the most dreaded part of summer

Bathing suit shopping.

I'm not even going to complain. I am female, therefore I hate how I look when trying on swim suits. Simple.

I have been blessed cursed in the boob department - I have 'em. Ever notice how really cute suits are designed for petite little A cups? I'm not a fan of bulky halter tops, but I'm also not a fan of tucking my girls into a tiny triangle top that's going to slip a nip the moment I jump in the water. I decided to go in between & just get a top that has a little more structure this year. A few in the running...

I love love love that black & white print, but I think my lower regions might look silly in the bottoms. Super cute though.  Both via Topshop

Vacancy bustier via Shopbop. Just so hot.

And the required Victoria's Secret suit...definitely more boob-friendly, but kind of boring.

Even though I prefer a string bottom (less chance of muffin top), I'm thinking of mixing that white top with these bottoms, from Asos.

Then...the dream suit.

Mara Hoffman suit via Shopbop.
I love this so much. I just can't justify spending $240 on it. Tear.

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