Thursday, April 7, 2011

they can do no wrong.

I try to stay away from Anthropologie normally. Not for distaste of the store, by any means. I would literally wear every piece of clothing they carry, & if I could furnish my home (& the homes of my friends & family) with all their decor, I WOULD. So basically, I would live in an Anthropologie store if they would let me. Unfortunately, my funds don't allow me to purchase $40 printed bowls & $200 dresses at the moment. Still, the creativity that radiates from that store just always seems to draw me in if I'm anywhere near. I noticed they have open interviews on Tuesdays for Visual, hello dream job? (at least one of them...)

For Earth Day, Anthropologies nationwide gathered corks for their visual displays. I collect corks too...but they sit in a giant glass on a shelf. Lame. Nothing like this:

This is my favorite. I want to make one.


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  1. Shut up those displays are AMAZING!! I too try to stay away from Anthro- its just so stupidly expensive, esp. when im used to Last Chance prices. But man oh man, some of their stuff is irresistible.


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