Friday, November 12, 2010

le sigh.

not that i am close to any marriage ceremonies just yet, wedding blogs are some of the best sources for inspiration...& more than just for weddings!  however, i have fallen in love with a couple of the dresses i've seen on these sites.  take a look...

via once wed, ruffled, green wedding shoes

i've never been one for big flouncy dresses, but i think if the material is right, i'd love one on my wedding day.   & obviously lace detailing & vintage-inspired dresses are what i'm drawn to.  you can be sure that this lady will not be stepping into a david's bridal when the time comes...


  1. That second photo is my absolute favorite!

    I love wedding sites too...and I am married! I love looking at how people style their receptions and everything :)

  2. I saw those last 2 photos a few days ago and went directly to their site and signed up for their mailing list haha just in case! I love the feather one too. Aaand just so you know if I ever hear you say the words "davids bridal" I will lock you in the office and turn on the alarm!!


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