Thursday, November 4, 2010

to dye or not to dye

i have been back & forth for several days now about my hair color.  i eventually decided to continue growing my bangs out for awhile longer, but now i'm bored with my (totally in-style) ombre blond hair.  i have temporarily dyed my hair dark three times before, & i always like it.  boyfriend is gone this week on a business trip, & i think it would be so fun to surprise him tomorrow when i pick him up from the airport.  what do you think?

me now (this photo is a bit saturated, i don't always look like lady gaga):

what i'm thinking: 

& since it is semi-permanent, it will fade into something like this before getting it back to my natural blond for summer...

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  1. Do it!!! You can always change it back, its only hair. Maybe because I am brunette.... I support it!


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