Thursday, September 23, 2010

al fresco

my 24th birthday is approaching.  i do like celebrating birthdays, but solely because i like celebrating in general.  any occasion that brings friends together for laughing, music, food & a few awkward dance moves is worth it to me!  however, my own birthday celebrations have been lacking in all of those areas in recent years.  which is fine!  i don't mind relaxing & just reminiscing on another year gone by.  my mom & i share the feeling that birthdays are simply that....just birthdays.  i despise when people go the direction of a birthday week; or the worst - "it's my birthday month!"  kinda selfish.  all i care about is having a few friends around to enjoy each others' company.  no presents, no birthday singing...but definitely cake (see earlier entry).  so this year, in honor of my continual evolving, i have decided not to wait around for someone to suggest we go out to scottsdale or something, but to put matters into my own hands.  get ready for the inspiration photos:

this is...perfection.
the lanterns make this so romantic
sucker for candlesticks

love mismatched things...& off-center centerpieces! 

i would like to dine like this every night

images from ruffled, apartment 34, everything fab, dress,design,decor, & erin ever after

it's apparent i would like to have a small dinner gathering outside, no?  nothing fancy, but i would like to craft a bit of decor & hang lighting, probably transport a couple chairs & floor pillows to a grassy know, no big deal! ;) we'll see how my plans pan out.

boyfriend will be here for my actual birthday on thursday, but will be gone the following weekend to go to alabama for a football game.  yes, he travels specifically for football.  because the majority of my friends really only do things on the weekend, we'll celebrate then.  the rest of the weekend will be spent hopefully with my mom...vintage shopping in melrose & hopefully can find some craftiness for us to get in to, & maybe a furniture redesign with pops?!!?  how do you spend your birthdays?

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