Wednesday, September 8, 2010

no excuses

i'm a little frustrated because i have a handful of post ideas, but i haven't been able to complete them yet.  i am on the computer writing/editing & searching the web all day at work, so when i get home, one of the last things i want to do is get on my computer & sift through my hard drive for the photos i want to post.  so, long story short, i've been lazy.  surprise!

my new job as copywriter/editor at the web design firm is going well.  i am occasionally writing about things i never really even knew existed, honestly.  backflow?  yeah...just finished a website for backflow preventers.  kudos/weird look if you know what that is.

i have a free night tonight, so maybe i'll get a couple posts up.  possibly a bike ride??!  my poor cruiser has been feeling neglected this summer.  can't wait for fall weather so i can pedal around in my thigh highs, boots & beanies!  (i will obviously wear more than that...people might be offended if i rode by them in only footwear & a hat)

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