Friday, October 22, 2010

playing dress up

via tumblr

halloween is quickly approaching.  as fun as i think it would be to go above & beyond in a homemade gaga get-up, i know little gaga clones are going to be absolutely everywhere.  my thoughts this year: old-school, traditional costumes that are simple but i can still make chic.  

i found the second image forever ago on tumblr, and i am obsessed with the editorial feel of it. i'm trying to figure out what would be the best media for the red on her face.  i get strangely excited when i get the chance to paint my face.  i was also thinking about a nerd costume with the boyfriend.  he has the absolute best nerd voice & i have some awesome nerd glasses.  i actually have a couple opportunities to dress up - saturday is my university's homecoming.  we call it tequila sunrise...the bars open at 6 am.  yikes.  since it is so close to halloween, everyone dresses up & just pretends they are at a themed frat party just one more time.  a few girlfriends are dressing as lumberjacks, our mascot, so i joined in on that (easy peasy!) & then possibly an outfit change that night.  nerds??  i'll save my native american for our block party sunday night.  

what are your halloween plans?

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