Thursday, October 21, 2010

"on my mind"

got this from InStyle, enjoy & share yours!

Morning perk- i tend to switch it up pretty often, but i love a good cappuccino with a touch of caramel or irish creme.

Every day makeup- moisturizer, concealer, a little powder, mascara & chapstick...lately, mixin it up with fun lipstick or my newly mastered love - liquid eyeliner.

Fall fetish- it is kind of obvious that boots are a weakness of mine.  the simple, clean satchels i'm seeing everywhere are so lovely too.  need!

Guilty pleasure- plain nutella out of the container?  :x

Next purchase-  i so badly want a stylish little cape & the perfect wide-ish leg jeans.

Game time-thursdays used to be weekly game night.  we would have tons of new wines & cook some gourmet snacks & play charades, catch phrase, taboo & whatever else new friends would bring.  i definitely want to bring that back once i get settled into my new apartment.

Signature scent- armani mania.  i honestly have worn it since high school, & don't intend to change.

Just saw- the new jackass movie.  it surprises me how immature my sense of humor still is.

Recurring dream- either the one where i am owning my own cute shop in a small-ish, artsy downtown area, or i'm a big time magazine editor with a fabulous closet that is bigger than my room...obviously a lot more to my dreams than that but you get it...

Work out- gym cardio at least twice a week, bikram yoga & running to train for my half marathon!  throw in a couple jillian michael's DVDs & our home gym too...i'm all over the place!  trying to pick it up a few notches ;)

Favorite happy hour- lately happy hour has become a long overdue update with girlfriends.  we'll usually hit a little wine bar or a dive bar for cheap beers & end up closing the place down.

New hobby- painting things.   i have a few ugly, random decor pieces i have picked up here & there...spray painting gives 'em new life!

Dream vacation- toughest question. at the moment, i am craving a little thailand!

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