Wednesday, October 27, 2010

cozy kitchens

via design sponge, where the sidewalk begins, this is glamorous

alright, so if it isn't obvious, i have a thing for white kitchens.  & glass-paned cabinets, mmm!  i know my next kitchen is not going to be as stylish as these, but i'll be honest...i have secretly fallen in love with one apartment we looked at...simply because of its white kitchen!  i'm not in any hurry to settle down & buy a house, but you can be sure that i am giddy with anticipation about my cute little kitchen that my pups will shake their mud off in, my kids will spill their milk & my hubby the dishes! 

(this entry started with my mom's friend gaving me some old silverware she was selling at an estate sale (i was out of town the days of the sale unfortunately).  i love the character that old, mismatched silver pieces have.  i would love to display them somehow in my kitchen!)

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