Thursday, October 7, 2010

bundle up...a little

packed for michigan last night...until 1 am.  then woke up & realized i had completely OVERpacked, as usual.  i like to have options...but at the same time, this is our first trip together, so i don't want to scare the boyfriend.  i did make sure to remind him that i lived out of a backpack for several months though!  ;)

here's a couple looks i was going for.  buried somewhere in my giant who knows if i'll get much further than t-shirts & jeans.

 fashion toast

 cherry blossom girl

WHERE are these boots????  need.

 stockholm streetstyle


ok, i'll be honest, i didn't bring my leopard coat.  although i wanted to!  my mom told me to be the approachable girlfriend...basically, don't dress weird!  ;)  i kid.  but speaking of leopard coat, can i have this one?

i don't usually go for juicy, but i like the length & the big collar.  i have problems when it comes to coats.  & hats & scarves, i realized last night.  i live in arizona...???

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