Tuesday, January 11, 2011

la tortuga feliz

2010 was a big year. I'm going to recap the major points, but my volunteer/exploration trip to Costa Rica definitely takes the cake, so I'll give it it's own post. Actually I'll do one just for the volunteer project. I have literally thousands of photos - it could be overwhelming - for all of us! I lived on the Caribbean coast in a very remote area - no electricity, running water, etc. Basically, we patrolled the beaches nightly for four hours or more, constantly on the lookout for nesting leatherback sea turtles. If we weren't on patrol, we were guarding the hatchery where we brought back the eggs & reburied in nests we dug ourselves in the model of how a mama would have done it. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I loved waking up early & taking a beach stroll with my little shadow pup, Stella. I almost brought her home. I miss the early morning kayak rides next to caimans, soccer games & fishing trips with the locals, spotting tamanduas & howler monkeys in the trees, & living simply - freezing showers & washing my clothes by hand with rainwater, eating the freshest fruit & being excited about it because it was a "treat," walking barefoot in the dark & using your headlamp to make sure you didn't step on any crabs or toads...it was a different world.

the first few are from a reserve we went to just outside of san jose before we trekked to the coast

welcome to La Tortuga Feliz!

bindi, stella's puppy

a family of bats lived in one of our palms

she lived right above where we filled up our water bottles...

two cats & ten dogs - i loved it

i was mother hen to these babies...i am measuring them before release here

I wish I would have taken more photos of the locals. Something I have to work on.

fishing...I actually caught a fish right after this photo!

a few more good ones after the jump...

leaf-cutter ants

one of the guide's daughter...Soley

the dogs loved laying in the cool sand

making the cages that fit over the nests to protect them - least favorite job

a sunrise walk

I did a ridiculous amount of reading

there's my girl!

I did NOT eat that

2-6 am hatchery shifts weren't as bad as they sound...especially when you get to see this

in front of the hatchery

the hut at the hatchery - not every building was this primitive

me in the pink - practicing our nest building

hummingbird nest

daily breakfast - fruit, tiny eggs & gallo pinto. yes, for over a month.

all my own photos(justin took the ones of me) :)

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