Tuesday, January 11, 2011


After the volunteer work, I went on an 8-day trek in the central highlands - on horseback. I got to see animals & views & landscapes I never would have seen had I not been on a horse. The guide, Marvin, only spoke Spanish, so we practiced conversations (more like he quizzed me constantly!) & he let me ride his most beautiful stallion, Gladiador. In between rides we went ziplining in the cloud forest, explored local towns & then spent the last night in the hot springs under the main (active) volcano, Arenal.

my first horse, Tuliana

sisters - Tuliana & Sintella

my favorite horse

putting Gladiador through his paces

Marvin can do all sorts of tricks...he is an amazing rider

lunch breaks were always near a waterfall or creek

we were invited to dinner by some strangers - Ticos are really the friendliest people.

city slickers?

More after the jump!


hot springs...ahhhhhhhhhhh
my second horse - Coyote

getting ready for some ziplining!

I know, I know. This is hard to look at because it is so attractive! Luckily, this is the only time it really rained on our trek.

 all photos by me, unless the ones of me - Justin

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