Saturday, January 15, 2011

rica road trip

Following the horseback trip through the central highlands, I met up with friends to tour some of the Pacific side's more tourist-y towns. First stop was Tamarindo, a total gringo (white) surfer town where we dodged potholes, ate sushi & enjoyed our first surf sesh. We decided the best way to move on to our next destination would be to rent a car. We rented a small crossover & drove southeast to Montezuma, a total hippie town, & then Mal Pais where we met some great Aussies & stayed longer than planned. I am so glad we roadtripped...yet another thing that made our trip that much more special. It is also really fun to drive a decent off-road vehicle through small rivers & over bumps & potholes. :)


all my own photography - other than the ones of me (Justin)

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